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when I step out on the street, it’s clear to me. The light, the people, the gesture. I can see and feel the atmosphere around the moment.

As sound paints time,
a picture should vibrate.


My work are exhibiting around the world, on the contemporary art scene.

Young Danish Contemporary Art 2022.
The art building in Vrå.
Censored Exhibition.

Nordisk Salong 2021
Helsingborgs konstförening and
Dunkers kulturhus.
Censored Exhibition.

Copenhagen Business School
Solo Exhibition 2021.
Censored Exhibition.

Art connect,
Best of the week, March 2021.
Curated exhibition.

YICCA 20-21
Winner of the 1st place
International Contest of Contemporary Art
Censored Exhibition.

Fotofestival Schiedam 2020
Theme: Transitions
Censored Exhibition.

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2019
Theme: Framing vision
Censored Exhibition.

Aarhus Independent Pixels 2015
Censored Exhibition.

in need of art?

I carry out various projects, where I create art by visualizing processes, thoughts and ideas.

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