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Fine Art photography.

Moments between moments.

In the fragile interstices of everyday life hides a world often overlooked — moments of silent transition and ephemeral transformation. Within these shadowed corridors of change, the works of this exhibition position themselves, beckoning the viewer to delve into realms where philosophy intertwines with mysticism and raw humanity.

The essence of these pieces is rooted in the streets, the crucible of life. In the pulsating spaces of urban existence, we encounter reflections of our own being. The fleeting connections and pauses between individuals and their surroundings have been captured. Fragments of life lived in the liminal — ‘moments between moments,’ where the past self is left behind, and the future self has yet to manifest. They carry the essence of existence — the ceaseless oscillation between becoming and ceasing.

Liminality, deeply ingrained in anthropological discourse, describes the ambiguity and confusion present in the middle phase of rituals. However, this display suggests that such moments extend beyond mere rituals. They permeate our days, imparting depth, often obscured.

This collection of street portraits, with their intricate interplay of light and dark and their remarkable ability to unveil the concealed, draws the viewer into a dance of mystery. They urge a deciphering of narratives of transition, imprinted in faces and postures — a quest for clarity amidst chaos.

This artistic expression, an alchemical amalgamation of spontaneity and intent, the ability to observe whilst remaining unseen, resonates with the echoes of past street artists who tread similar paths. Yet, the distinction lies in the unique resonance permeating each image — a whisper of existential musings, the transient nature of life, and the enchantment of transformation.

A journey through moments encourages an exploration of layers of symbolism and undertones. The images serve as mirrors, reflecting not only their inner subjects but also the viewer’s transitions, their liminal experiences, and personal developmental thresholds.

In an era marked by swift change, where nothing remains constant, this exhibition offers a respite — an opportunity for reflection, rediscovery, and reconnection. Through the gaze of the subjects and the lens of street portraiture, the exhibition showcases cosmopolitan cities across Europe, reminding us of the beauty and enigma of the liminal. It poses a question: In a world of ceaseless change, can you find your place?

Immerse yourself, for within these boundaries await myriad worlds to be discovered, tales yearning to be shared, and transitions deserving acknowledgment.

Moments between moments.

My Photographs have been exhibited at

PORTRAITS – Hellerau Photography Awards 2023
Technical Collections Dresden, Germany.
Censored Exhibition.

Young Danish Contemporary Art 2022
The art building in Vrå
Censored Exhibition.

Nordisk Salong 2021
Helsingborgs konstförening and
Dunkers kulturhus.
Censored Exhibition.

Art connect
Best of the week, March 2021.
Curated exhibition.

YICCA 20-21
Winner of the 1st place
International Contest of Contemporary Art
Censored Exhibition.

Copenhagen Business School
Solo Exhibition 2021.
Censored Exhibition.

Fotofestival Schiedam 2020
Theme: Transitions
The Censored Exhibition.

Charlottenborg Forårsudstilling 2020
Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2020

at Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Censored Exhibition.

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2019
Theme: Framing vision
Censored Exhibition.

Aarhus Independent Pixels 2015
Censored Exhibition.

Whats the value for businesses?

Participation in these esteemed exhibitions and my achievements in art and photography demonstrate a profound understanding of visual communication and aesthetics, which are crucial in today’s visually driven communication strategies. My experience from these curated and juried exhibitions bolsters my ability to create content that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also strategically conceived to effectively reach and engage target audiences.

Being a part of these prestigious exhibitions indicates recognition of the quality of my work and the ability to convey complex messages through visual media. My experience in working across diverse cultural and contextual frameworks is directly applicable in the development of effective and targeted communication campaigns for businesses aiming to differentiate themselves and engage their audience on deeper levels.

Storytelling with Photography

I had the pleasure to have my book “Here Alone” featured on Ted Forbes Youtube channel: The Art of Photography, A channel that makes videos about photography. With over 824.000 subscribers Ted, is well respected in the photography community.

The book is a collection of Street Photography from Paris, France from 2022. A small self publication with only an editions of 100.

The essence of these pieces is rooted in the streets, the crucible of life. In the pulsating spaces of urban existence, we encounter reflections of our own being.

Photographs by Kasper Christiansen