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Transitional phases and stories about how people behave in rewarding dynamics and situations. Observational and structured works supported by a course of action that develops in step with the characters’ own development. Life.

1P433 [One Pass]

1P433 [One pass] is one rendering of an experience, one review of an action. It is a digital term for multiple reviews of one process. If we go through the same process again, it will increase with one. [Two passes]

Reality is not something you perceive, it is something you create in your mind. And that reality is only created when we see it. At the quantum level, reality only exists when it is observed. This is an visualization of one standing on the threshold, between one’s previous way of structuring one’s own identity, time or community, and a new way that completes one’s reality.

VANAh – The firm

When society and the technology that drives it moves into the future, what happens to those of us who remain stuck in the past? When personality and privacy become worthless, and your only currency is your brain, body and data?

And do these questions even matter when you can upload your relatives’ minds to microwave-ovens or genetically engineer the perfect potato?

Follow two people wrestling with these ideas in this art-film with a hint of science-fiction and dark comedy.

I’m here

A visual poem that reflects on being left behind by those you love. An insight into the moment when one’s world changes forever.

Extended Senses

How to expand the sensory system of an entire city?

A Danish and a Swedish artist group has created a new sensor system that has been distributed among citizens. The sensors send data to a lighting installation that communicates via an abstract lighting project. The project is filmed in Helsingør and Helsingborg. In collaboration with Healthy Mind Tech, Johan Gelinder, Emil Berzén, Alexandra Hvalgren, Majken overgaard And Catch.

The Witches’ Museum in Ribe

The two researchers Ana Maria Munar And Mads Bødker from Copenhagen Business School, explores the surroundings in Ribe and records sounds of different places and materials used for witch hunt. A film that tells how to use auditory testimony for marketing techniques.

Tivoli: A business case

A group of students from Copenhagen Business School is visiting the Tivoli. And they are helping to brainstorm new ideas, for how the Tivoli Lux program can be made more attractive to the customers.

In A Time

In a time between others, a place thats looks like it has stalled. When you look up, you can remember your future. In what layer, do you belong to tomorrow?

Streetphotography in motion

Things that shouldnt move

NFT collection with 4 unique scenes. Which raises questions about the reality we perceive.

There are 13 of each and you can get yours right here:


Video as a teaching tool

Lisbeth talks about using video as a teaching tool, And giving young students at Copenhagen Business School the courage, to use video even more in their daily lives. By doing it her self.

People who build for people

A short film for Wolff Svendsen website. The clips are from a larger documentary project I have been filming for a longer period of time.

Awards & Screening

Digital Chroma Agency
Censored Exhibition, Berlin. 2022
Screening online at
Shortfilm: 1P433 [One Pass]

Output Aarhus
Censored Exhibition. 2021
Screening at Output Festival No 05.
Shortfilm: 1P433 [One Pass]

Amsterdam Short Film Festival
Official Selection: Experimental Film.
Screening in Amsterdam.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Stockholm City Film Festival
Finalist, May.
Screening in Stockholm.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Milan Gold Awards
Winner Gold Award: Best Experimental Film.
Screening in Milano.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Florence Film Awards
Winner: Best Experimental Film.
Screening in Florence.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Boden International Film Festival
Semifinalists of May 2021.
Screening in Sweden.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Paris Film Festival 2021
Award Winner: Best Experimental Film.
Screening in Paris, France.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

EdiPlay International Film Festival 2021
Award Winner: Best Experimental Film.
Screening in Paris, France.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Falcon International Film Festival 2021
April 2021 Edition, Winner: Best Experimental.
Screening at London.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Elizabethtown Film Festival 2020
Official Selection: Short Narrative.
Screening at Elizabethtown, Kentucky USA.
Shortfilm: I’m Here

Breakout Film Festival 2020
Screening at Edinburgh.
Shortfilm: I’m Here

Berlin Sci-Fi festival 2018
Official selection.
Shortfilm: Biosphere 3,14