Is, art for me, ?

It starts with an idea.
What would ‘I’ like to say. How should it be told and in what way should it be said?

Art is what connects us to the world we live in. Through art we gain insight and understanding of life and how others perceive it. Our senses are shaken and twisted, which in turn change our world.

And that’s the whole point, to change something.

A talk ab;out t_he W0rK;:_

Art, is a gift, !

Art is a gift we give to other people, we share an insight into an understanding that spreads like ripples in the water. By using the insights of art, the viewers has unique experiences that connects them emotionally to the work.

Art operates on deeper levels and therefore has the ability to capture an audience, or offend them. On a completely different level.

Both ends of the spectrum is a success!

So, how, ?

I use a solid network-based, energetic project community with roots in the film industry, musical friends and incredibly talented people, who can provide water in the arid desert. [So to speak, We live in the nordic].

With a carefully selected team for each project, is it possible to execute ingenious ideas with an expression that is exhibited at museums and wins contemporary art prizes and awards around the world.

Enjoy the ride,
_and give some art to those you do not know yet!

Contact_; | (+45) 5069 7948 |

1P433 One Pass
Charlottenborg Forårsudstilling 2020 - Kasper Christiansen
1P433 One Pass
Kasper Christiansen

Kasper Christiansen,
Artist, Director, Dop.

Exhibition_ Photography,

Young Danish Contemporary Art 2022
The art building in Vrå
Censored Exhibition.

Nordisk Salong 2021
Helsingborgs konstförening and
Dunkers kulturhus.
Censored Exhibition.

Art connect
Best of the week, March 2021.
Curated exhibition.

YICCA 20-21
Winner of the 1st place
International Contest of Contemporary Art
Censored Exhibition.

Copenhagen Business School
Solo Exhibition 2021.
Censored Exhibition.

Fotofestival Schiedam 2020
Theme: Transitions
The Censored Exhibition.

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2019
Theme: Framing vision
Censored Exhibition.

Aarhus Independent Pixels 2015
Censored Exhibition.

Film awards an(&)d Screening,

Digital Chroma Agency
Censored Exhibition, Berlin.
Screening online at
Shortfilm: 1P433 [One Pass]

Output Aarhus
Censored Exhibition.
Screening at Output Festival No 05.
Shortfilm: 1P433 [One Pass]

Amsterdam Short Film Festival
Official Selection: Experimental Film.
Screening in Amsterdam.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Stockholm City Film Festival
Finalist, May.
Screening in Stockholm.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Milan Gold Awards
Winner Gold Award: Best Experimental Film.
Screening in Milano.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Florence Film Awards
Winner: Best Experimental Film.
Screening in Florence.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Boden International Film Festival
Semifinalists of May 2021.
Screening in Sweden.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Paris Film Festival 2021
Award Winner: Best Experimental Film.
Screening in Paris, France.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

EdiPlay International Film Festival 2021
Award Winner: Best Experimental Film.
Screening in Paris, France.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Falcon International Film Festival 2021
April 2021 Edition, Winner: Best Experimental.
Screening at London.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Elizabethtown Film Festival 2020
Official Selection: Short Narrative.
Screening at Elizabethtown, Kentucky USA.
Shortfilm: I’m Here

Breakout Film Festival 2020
Screening at Edinburgh.
Shortfilm: I’m Here

Berlin Sci-Fi festival 2018
Official selection.
Shortfilm: Biosphere 3,14

It’s about creating,

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