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Hi, I’m Kasper, a versatile visual artist specializing in film, photography, and art. My concepts encompass a diverse range of strategies, from evocative visual poems to structured narratives, offering unique insights and emotionally connecting with audiences.

My work revolves around capturing glimpses of people’s lives to inspire change and captivate attention. Through engaging visuals, I foster emotional connections and create a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Each piece of media is carefully crafted to provide viewers with a meaningful experience, appreciating their time and attention.

Having worked with notable partners in the Danish film industry, including Danish Broadcasting, Discovery, Cosmo Film, Metronome, and Farsight, I possess expertise in film, photography, and art. I have collaborated with esteemed clients such as Danske Bank, Bilbasen, Copenhagen Business School, The National Association of Swedish Art Societies, Forests of the World, and Far From Hollywood. I have been involved in the photographic production and finishing of several Danish film posters.

My distinctive style combines mood, aesthetics, and graphic sensibilities, creating visually compelling narratives. From capturing fleeting moments in familiar settings to scenes with a captivating aura, my visual concepts capture the essence of uniqueness.

I am proud to have won the first prize in the YICCA 20-21 International Contest of Contemporary Art in Milan, Italy, and exhibited my work at prestigious events like Nordisk Salong, with more the 2396 applications received. PORTRAITS – Hellerau Photography Awards 2023, Young Danish Contemporary Art 2022, Artist Exhibition 2021, and Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2019.

My films have received recognition at acclaimed festivals such as Amsterdam Short Film Festival, Stockholm City Film Festival, Milan Gold Awards, Paris Film Festival, and EdiPlay International Film Festival. My wealth of experience comes from working as a camera assistant and operator in the Danish film industry.

With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to delivering impactful experiences, I bring projects to life with creativity and expertise.

Kasper Christiansen | (+45) 5069 7948
Instagram | Linkedin

Prints and NFT are available at (or direct contact)

Kasper Christiansen

Kasper Christiansen

Storytelling with Photography:
Ted Forbes reviews my book, Here Alone

Photography Exhibition

PORTRAITS – Hellerau Photography Awards 2023
Technical Collections Dresden, Germany.
Censored Exhibition.

Young Danish Contemporary Art 2022
The art building in Vrå
Censored Exhibition.

Nordisk Salong 2021
Helsingborgs konstförening and
Dunkers kulturhus.
Censored Exhibition.

Art connect
Best of the week, March 2021.
Curated exhibition.

YICCA 20-21
Winner of the 1st place
International Contest of Contemporary Art
Censored Exhibition.

Copenhagen Business School
Solo Exhibition 2021.
Censored Exhibition.

Fotofestival Schiedam 2020
Theme: Transitions
The Censored Exhibition.

Charlottenborg Forårsudstilling 2020
Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2020

at Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Censored Exhibition.

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2019
Theme: Framing vision
Censored Exhibition.

Aarhus Independent Pixels 2015
Censored Exhibition.

Storytelling with Photography:
Ted Forbes reviews my book, Here Alone

Film Awards & Screening

Digital Chroma Agency
Censored Exhibition, Berlin. 2022
Screening online at
Shortfilm: 1P433 [One Pass]

Output Aarhus
Censored Exhibition. 2021
Screening at Output Festival No 05.
Shortfilm: 1P433 [One Pass]

Amsterdam Short Film Festival
Official Selection: Experimental Film.
Screening in Amsterdam.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Stockholm City Film Festival
Finalist, May.
Screening in Stockholm.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Milan Gold Awards
Winner Gold Award: Best Experimental Film.
Screening in Milano.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Florence Film Awards
Winner: Best Experimental Film.
Screening in Florence.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Boden International Film Festival
Semifinalists of May 2021.
Screening in Sweden.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Paris Film Festival 2021
Award Winner: Best Experimental Film.
Screening in Paris, France.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

EdiPlay International Film Festival 2021
Award Winner: Best Experimental Film.
Screening in Paris, France.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Falcon International Film Festival 2021
April 2021 Edition, Winner: Best Experimental.
Screening at London.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Elizabethtown Film Festival 2020
Official Selection: Short Narrative.
Screening at Elizabethtown, Kentucky USA.
Shortfilm: I’m Here

Breakout Film Festival 2020
Screening at Edinburgh.
Shortfilm: I’m Here

Berlin Sci-Fi festival 2018
Official selection.
Shortfilm: Biosphere 3,14

Partners i have worked with