I saw it in my head once, and there is no turning back now.

Stories that arise in different situations, in different lights, in different moods.
In the process I customize it into strong visual narratives for audiences to watch and experience.

By combining mood, actions and experiences in a special shade, I can transform the familiar into different auras. I use a mixture of street photography / film, and staged situations to achieve the viewer curiosity and allowing them to explore and gain a deeper meaning with the narrative.

At the core I depict both what is right in front, but also the mood about it, and why.

Kasper Christiansen
Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: (+45) 50 69 79 48
Mail: kc@kaschr.com

Exhibition & Screening

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2019
Framing vision
The Censored Exhibition.

Berlin Sci-Fi festival 2018
Official selection.
(Shortfim: Biosphere 3,14)

Aarhus Independent Pixels 2015
The Censored Exhibition.