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Bridging Art, Technology, and Public Spaces: Sweden’s Largest Public Virtual Art Exhibition. “Vävda Rum.”

  • Client
  • The National Association of Swedish Art Societies.
  • Industry
  • Non-profit organisations – Visual arts and handcrafts.
  • Services
  • Concept development, Art direction, Storytelling & Tone of Voice, Full service film production, Editing, Motion graphics, Social Media Strategy and Campaigns – Reels and Content.

Woven SpacesVävda Rum” – The largest exhibition of public virtual art in Sweden.

Woven Spaces is an exhibition that employs AR technology to craft thrilling and thought-provoking interactive art experiences in public spaces. Ten contemporary Swedish artists delve into the art of interweaving diverse locations, emotions, and voices to connect individuals and explore fresh perspectives on familiar locales. Visitors can utilize the Woven Spaces app to immerse themselves in ten virtual artworks scattered across participating municipalities.

The artworks are interactive and custom-made for each space, with some virtually interconnected, enabling visitors to interact with each other through the artworks. Woven Spaces fosters intergenerational encounters and paves the way for a new infrastructure for large-scale exhibition formats with minimal ecological footprint.

The Power of Shared Experiences.

This succinct commercial film aims to underscore the power of shared experiences unfolding simultaneously in different locations and delving into the digital layer of consciousness. The film showcases various regions of Sweden, including Arvidsjaur, Moskosel, Orust, and Stockholm, to provide an inclusive and contemporary depiction of the country’s public spaces and its people.

To engage a youthful demographic and craft content that resonates with the ethos of the platforms, we’ve spun reels that encapsulate the core message in a manner that’s both playful and captivating. This approach stirs the curiosity of the young minds, nudging them to step out and immerse themselves in the shared experience of the artworks.

The participating artists are: Lundahl & Seitl, Oscar Häggström, Åsa Cederqvist, Untold Garden, Pastelae, Eric Magassa, James Webb, Adam James och SONG (Choterina Freer, Anna Kinbom och Rut Karin Zettergren i samarbete med Paola Torres Núñez del Prado och Rosalie Yu).

Thanks to Föreningen KonstArt, Ifö Center, Moskosel creative park and Berga art association.
The Vävda rum project is initiated by the Confederation of Swedish Art Associations and is a collaboration with art and design studio Untold Garden. Väveda room is financed by the Postal Code Foundation.