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The German Embassy at Stockholmsgade: A Historic Icon Reimagined for the Modern Age.

  • Client
  • Wolff Svendsen.
  • Industry
  • Construction / Renovation.
  • Services
  • Concept development, Art direction, Storytelling & Tone of Voice, Full service film production, Documentation.

Over an expansive span of two years, I embarked on a journey to document the metamorphosis of the historic German embassy on Stockholmsgade, Copenhagen. This grand edifice, once bustling with diplomatic affairs, was destined to undergo a profound transformation, morphing from an office complex into private sanctuaries. A comprehensive renovation of a staggering 2100 m2 was set in motion.

The entire roof, a skeletal structure of bygone times, was dismantled and reborn, crafted from the old materials to make room for a sun-drenched orangery, offering panoramic views of Copenhagen’s skyline. The rest of the embassy was reimagined into six expansive apartments, a boutique, and an office – each space echoing the building’s rich history while catering to the contemporary desires of its inhabitants.

A project that Wolff Svendsen orchestrated to demonstrate their prowess to both new and existing clientele. Through the strategic use of social media, they shared captivating images and compelling narratives. Above all, they presented a token of gratitude to their clients, a testament to the successful fruition of their endeavors.

This journey was not without its trials and tribulations, revealing hidden treasures (Century-Old Wallpaper) and unexpected challenges along the way. I shadowed this transformation, engaging with professionals at each step, weaving a narrative that mirrors the core values of Wolff Svendsen“To preserve and renovate robust, beautiful buildings that serve those who inhabit them.”