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Sunraker Crafting Lush Soundscapes and Towering Vocals, A Glimpse into the Dynamic Performance.

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  • Concept development, Art direction, Full service film production, Editing.

Sunraker, helmed by the maestro Sophus Alf, is a quartet hailing from the heart of Copenhagen, weaving together the grandiosity of shoegaze with the intimate nostalgia of the 80s. Their sound, a paradoxical blend of the colossal and the delicate, invites you on a sonic odyssey through verdant soundscapes and towering vocal performances.

Recorded live and captured on film within the intimate confines of a Copenhagen theatre blackbox, this project illuminates the band’s capacity to envelop venues with their potent soundscapes and uniquely refined vocals.

Sophus has etched his name in the annals of sonic virtuosos with his award-winning composition for the hit game ‘Deep Rock Galactic’. This achievement ignited a flurry of online hype and a clamour for its release on streaming platforms. With over 300,000 copies of the soundtrack sold worldwide, it’s no surprise to stumble upon memes of Sophus “cooking up fire” scattered across the digital landscape.

Sunraker is currently in the throes of recording their debut studio album. Alongside Sophus Alf, the ensemble includes Frederik Petersen on drums, Louie Sears on guitar, and Lasse Mortensen on bass.

This 4-track live session, a testament to their dynamic performance and the immersive experiences they offer, is a tantalizing glimpse of what the audience can expect from the band. It’s a production that demands meticulous attention to detail and the ability to reinvent the same composition anew, all while ensuring the narrative woven into their music shines through.