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Content that resonates, captivates and educates. Created for the students at the lecture hall, social media and the executive suite.

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  • Copenhagen Business School.
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  • Higher Education.
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  • Concept development, Art direction, Storytelling & Tone of Voice, Full service film production, Editing, Motion graphics, Video Courses, Content & Campaigns.

Bringing to life everything from intricate subjects, processes, and organizational theories, to illuminating the essence of ideas, projects, and enterprises. How does Ribe lure new tourists through the symphony of sound and the allure of dark tourism? What are the pressing concerns of young entrepreneurs in the current climate? How does one navigate the labyrinth of student life, the maze of online assignment submissions, and the art of video presentations? How does one summon the bravery to raise a hand and voice a question during a lecture, in the face of an audience of hundreds?

Research dissemination woven with the art of storytelling. Corporate videos that delve deep beneath the surface. Vox pops, interviews, and social media reels, all serving as windows of insight and learning for the entire university, from the lecture hall to the executive suite.

I craft comprehensive video course programs for Bachelor, Graduate, MBA, and Master programs. Producing in collaboration with the project’s key players, always with a keen focus on sculpting narratives and content that resonate, captivate, and educate. Transforming complex academic concepts into engaging visual narratives, across diverse platforms and formats. From the early stages of development to pre-production, filming, editing, motion graphics, and final delivery.

Whether it’s unearthing how a city employs sound and dark tourism to draw in new visitors, probing into the minds of budding entrepreneurs, or offering a glimpse into the trials and triumphs of student life, the mission is to inform, inspire, and ignite conversation from the lecture hall to the boardroom. I help breathe life into the Copenhagen Business School’s story.

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