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Catch Pioneering Innovation at the Intersection of Art, Technology, and Design.

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Catch is a vibrant hub, pioneering and cultivating fresh concepts at the crossroads of technology, art, and design. Serving as a municipal center for creative education and innovation, Catch operates at the nexus of these dynamic fields. We’ve adopted a practice-based, open approach to learning, facilitating year-round workshops and collaborating with institutions and independent entities. This has culminated in public exhibitions, closely integrated with CLICK.

At Catch, I’ve have the privilege of developing and producing both Film and Photography.

One such project is Extended Senses:

How might we augment the sensory system of an entire city? The exhibition “Extended Senses” at Kulturværftet in Elsinore is a testament to this question. It’s a collaboration between the cities of Helsingborg and Helsingør, where we’ve invited a Danish and a Swedish artist group to weave a connection between the two cities. They’ve achieved this by creating a novel sensor system, distributed among the citizens. The sensors relay data to a lighting installation that communicates through an abstract lighting projection.

The project, was exhibited in Elsinore, and Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg. A heartfelt thanks to Johan Gelinder, Emil Berzén, and Healthy Mind Tech, who have collectively crafted this unique work of art for us. And to our exceptional partners Alexandra Hvalgren, Majken Overgaard, Serkan Erol, and Christopher Petersson, who, along with other talented individuals from across the sound, have breathed life into this project.

Another project is Soundtrack Elsinore (Lydspor).

This sound walk is part of a research and development project between Catch, AIR Lab ITU, The Helsingør, and Bylab museums. Together, we’re exploring how we can design aural sensory experiences that forge an emotional bond with the past in today’s Helsingør. The sound walk, developed for citizens and tourists, consists of three parts, one of which is this app. The other two parts are physical, interactive sound installations at Kongekajen and at Museerne Helsingør, City Museum.