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Portrait of a master: A Glimpse into the Renovation of the Old German Embassy through the architect Niels.

  • Client
  • Wolff Svendsen.
  • Industry
  • Architecture / Constructions.
  • Services
  • Concept development, Art direction, Storytelling & Tone of Voice, Full service film production, Editing, Documentary.

From an extensive documentation of a year-long renovation of the old German embassy into private residences in Stockholmsgade, Copenhagen. For Wolff Svendsen I filmed several recordings with professionals.

We captured an in-depth look at the architect Niels, who was involved throughout the entire project. Niels is old school, one of those rare individuals capable of an eye for detail with extreme precision. Everything was hand-drawn, down to the smallest detail, and he was able to solve significant challenges with just a glance.

A small portrait of a master in action.