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The Dance of Perception: A Quantum Journey Through Life’s Changes.

  • Client
  • KC.
  • Industry
  • Art work, Fiction, Installation.
  • Services
  • Script writing, Concept development, World building, Art direction, Storytelling, Full service film production, Editing, VFX, Directing, Art installation.
  • Exhibition:
  • Digital Chroma Agency.
    – Censored Exhibition, Berlin. 2022.
    Output Aarhus.
    – Censored Exhibition. 2021.

1P433 [One Pass] is a journey into the depths of how our perception of reality is shaped by the intricate dance of quantum phenomena and the existential weight that emerges when we navigate life’s transitions.
The project is rooted in the concept that our grasp of reality is as relative and ephemeral as the subatomic particles intertwined in the cosmic ballet of quantum entanglement. Through the lens of my camera, I seize and bring to life the fluctuating perceptions and shards of reality that surface during periods of change.

The portrayal unfolds in the heart of a thought process, a dream, a realm beyond our own existence. As we grapple with shifts and challenges, the images crystallize into moments of doubt where our bedrock is rattled, and we are called to embrace the enigma and steer through the fog of uncertainty.

Our struggle for control eventually gives way to surrender, allowing ourselves to be swept along by the ever-changing tides of life. These instances are marked by vulnerability and acquiescence, yet they also harbor the promise of rejuvenation. Our identity morphs, and we emerge reborn. Birthed from a moment of bravery, where we muster our inner fortitude and take the plunge into the unknown.

These moments are etched by resolve and the courage to face challenges and welcome change with an open heart. It is a visualization that mirrors the complexity tied to our perception of reality and the existential weight that surfaces in transitional phases.

This project is a synthesis of multiple art disciplines. From the outset, the idea was to blend film and photography with the exhibition of portals. The work is to be displayed through film, photography, and installation, allowing the viewer to experience the transformation in their own body and mind.

iP433 has graced the exhibition halls of both Aarhus and Berlin, casting its spell on audiences in these cultural hubs. Moreover, it has danced across the screens of a Japanese streaming channel, serving as a captivating ‘breaker’ in the digital realm.

A heartfelt thank you to all the contributors for helping to envelop a mansion in plastic and construct light portals. Woman: Helene Eldov, Producer: Amelia Paquin, Music & Sound design: Niklas Brandt Katborg.