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Communications Manager, Nuuday
Kasper Christiansen, a creative strategic communications expert

Crafting strategic narratives, managing projects, and collaborating closely with colleagues to strengthen brands and communication channels on both strategic and tactical levels.

From strategic visions to captivating visual concepts

The opportunity to contribute to the development of strategic communication at Nuuday is compelling. With my creative strategic skills and passion for creating valuable customer experiences, I believe I can help strengthen the brand and create value for customers.

Nuuday’s focus on delivering the best digital services and customer experiences is inspiring, and I would like to be part of this goal. Through my experience in developing and implementing creative strategies, I have demonstrated the ability to create influential narratives that resonate with audiences and communicate value based on business objectives.

My expertise in project management and collaboration will ensure that campaigns and initiatives are effectively executed and delivered with high quality. I am accustomed to leading interdisciplinary teams through complex projects, and I excel at building internal and external networks that can support the communication strategy.

With my experience in creative media production, including market research and analysis of data-driven insights, I can contribute to optimizing content and ensuring an excellent user experience.

Kasper Christiansen | | 5069 7948


In this project, my primary focus has been to emphasize change as the core theme, aspiring to produce more than merely aesthetically pleasing images within a coherent sequence.

Video Production Manager

at Teaching & Learning, Copenhagen Business School

As the Video Production Manager at Copenhagen Business School, I spearheaded strategic processes for conveying educational material and corporate communications. I oversaw the production of multimedia content, including video, podcasts, and motion graphics, while also building and maintaining relationships internally and externally.

Additionally, my role encompassed the development of branding, campaigns, and quality standards to enhance CBS’ educational initiatives through strategic visual storytelling, alongside the daily management of video studio activities.

Milestone Systems,
Futuristic modern

Milestone Systems aimed to position itself as an inclusive tool with their video solutions that enhance the brand and make technology more inclusive and modern.

“The challenge is to transform the futuristic Minority Report look into a more inclusive and modern visual expression in technological solutions.” This was highlighted in the brief from Manager of Design & Creatives at Milestone Systems.

How do we balance advanced technology with design accessibility? Strategic brand positioning and early stages of storytelling look and feel.

Woven Places – Strategic layers of digital consciousness

Woven Spaces (Vävda Rum) by the National Association of Swedish Art Societies is an innovative exhibition utilizing augmented reality (AR) to offer interactive art experiences in public spaces across Sweden.

The Woven Spaces exhibition revolutionized spaces with augmented reality, engaging audiences through strategic storytelling. I spearheaded the development and production of a creative strategy, resulting in the creation of advertising and documentary films, along with 10 SoMe Reels, to amplify the brand’s messages and achieve business objectives.

These films captured the essence of shared experiences at various Swedish locations while delving into the digital realm

Specially crafted for TikTok and Instagram, the reels garnered impressive engagement, with the advertisement accumulating 222,000 views and 4,910 clicks. Each of the 10 reels achieved 260-300 views, indicating a significant increase in audience interaction and visitors.


Fusing art and science to visually capture and communicate complex scientific processes, strategically engaging and inspiring a wider audience through artistic photography and documentaries.

Let’s get wild

Driven by a passion for visual communication, I constantly innovate and experiment across diverse media. This dynamic process yields a stream of innovative ideas and creative expressions, allowing for tailored adaptations to specific communication strategies and design guidelines.

Allow me to offer a glimpse into this captivating universe of ‘chaos and order’.

Styrker strategisk den følelsesmæssige forbindelse mellem os
Kasper Christiansen