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​​​​​Novo Nordisk
Kasper Christiansen: Creative and Strategic Communication.

Expert in Driving Effective Communication Strategies and Producing Creative Content

From strategic thinking to
emotional connection

I specialize in driving effective communication strategies, fostering partnerships, and collaborating with key stakeholders while developing compelling content.

With expertise in innovative communication initiatives, I aim to build awareness, strengthen business objectives, and strategically positioning companies for their target audience. My track record includes successful collaboration, creative content development and productio. I bring strong communication, stakeholder management, and project prioritization skills, adding value to your department.

From the bottom of my heart I create visual concepts to foster a profound understanding of people and the world, enhancing the emotional connection between us, while ensuring alignment with brand messaging.

How can we do more with less?

In our business, more life-saving medicines need to reach more vulnerable people. And more needs to be done to stop the rise of chronic diseases. Yet this needs to happen with less environmental impact.

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Zero environmental impact

Environmental challenges have never been more critical or more urgent than they are today. That’s why we have committed to net zero emissions across our entire value chain by 2045 at the latest.

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Stepping up to serve more patients
in the face of unprecedented demand

Demand for Novo Nordisk medicines is soaring, driven by a global obesity epidemic and exceptional growth in the GLP-1 market. This has resulted in a record number of people being treated with our medicines, but also supply constraints.

In response, we are significantly ramping up production capacity and have introduced clear prioritisation principles to ensure broad and equitable distribution of our products.

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Content Production Manager

at Teaching & Learning, Copenhagen Business School

I held a versatile role for 5 years, handling diverse tasks from specializing in Strategic Creative Concept Development, Project Management, Corporate and organization communication, video and podcast production, graphic and motion graphics design. Translating complex academic content for broad audiences across various messages, demographics, stakeholders, and needs.

Milestone Systems,
Futuristic Modern

Milestone Systems aimed to position themselves as an inclusive tool with their video solutions, enhancing the brand and making technology more inclusive and modern.

“The challenge is transforming the futuristic Minority Report look into a more inclusive and modern visual expression in technological solutions.”
This was highlighted in the brief from the Manager of Design & Creatives at Milestone Systems. How do we balance advanced tech with design accessibility?

Strategic brand positioning and early stages of storytelling look and feel.

Woven places – Stratic layers of digital consciousness

Woven Spaces by the National Association of Swedish Art Societies is an innovative exhibition utilizing augmented reality (AR) for interactive art experiences in public spaces across Sweden.

Transforming spaces with augmented reality, Vävda Rum exhibition engaged audiences through strategic storytelling. Created impactful content—advertising and documentary films, along with 10 social media reels—to amplify brand messaging and achieve business objectives. Capturing the essence of shared experiences in various Swedish locations, the films delved into the digital realm.

Specifically tailored for TikTok and Instagram, the reels garnered impressive engagement, with the advertising film accumulating 222,000 views and 4,910 clicks. The 10 reels achieved 260-300 views each, signaling a significant increase in audience interaction and visitors.

Project proposal: Unite art and science

Merging art and science to visually capture and communicate complex scientific processes, strategically engaging and inspiring a wider audience through artistic photography and documentary filmmaking.

Let’s get wild

Driven by a passion for visual communication, I continually evolve and experiment across diverse mediums. This process yields a flow of innovative ideas and creative expressions. Elements and parts can be extracted and tailored for specific communication strategies and design guidelines.

I want to give you a little glimpse into this “chaos and order” universe

Strategically strengthens the emotional connection between us
Kasper Christiansen