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The experience must run deep

It has to start conversations, raise awareness, engage stakeholders and shift behavior to create change. It must sink into our stomachs, it must be felt on a deeper level so that it takes root. From there, we will go out into to world and make it a better place.

Extended Senses

How to expand the sensory system of an entire city?

A Danish and a Swedish artist group has created a new sensor system that has been distributed among citizens. The sensors send data to a lighting installation that communicates via an abstract lighting project.

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Tivoli: A business case

A group of students from CBS is visiting the Tivoli. And they are helping to brainstorm new ideas, for how the Tivoli Lux program can be made more attractive to the customers.

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People who build for people

A short film for Wolff Svendsen to use on the website. The clips are from an major documentary film i did about the firm. It premieres soon.

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Video as a teaching tool

Lisbeth talks about using video as a teaching tool, And giving young students the courage, to use video even more in their daily lives. By doing it her self.

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A sustainable banker

Sara Lyng talks about how she combines a full time job and the ambition to make the world a greater and more sustainable place.

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Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Nikolai talks about the program, what the future possibilities are. And witch doors blockchain technology has the possibilities to open.

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