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Connect emotionally with Your audience through artistic creation. Elevate your brand, project, idea or event with a compelling campaign that promotes cultural experiences.

Vävda Rum – Sweden’s largest exhibition of public virtual art.

Case Study.
The National Association of Swedish Art Societies.

Vävda rum is an exhibition that uses AR technology to create exciting and thought-provoking interactive art experiences in public spaces. Ten contemporary artists in Sweden explore how to bring together different locations, emotions, and voices to connect people and explore new perspectives on familiar places. Visitors can use the Vävda rum app to experience ten virtual artworks placed in public places throughout participating municipalities.

The artworks are interactive and tailored to each space, and some are virtually interconnected, allowing visitors to interact with each other through the artworks. Vävda rum creates intergenerational encounters and explores a new infrastructure for large-scale exhibition formats with minimal ecological footprint.

The participating artists are: Lundahl & Seitl, Oscar Häggström, Åsa Cederqvist, Untold Garden, Pastelae, Eric Magassa, James Webb, Adam James och SONG (Choterina Freer, Anna Kinbom och Rut Karin Zettergren i samarbete med Paola Torres Núñez del Prado och Rosalie Yu).

Thanks to Föreningen KonstArt, Ifö Center, Moskosel creative park and Berga art association.
The Vävda rum project is initiated by the Confederation of Swedish Art Associations and is a collaboration with art and design studio Untold Garden. Väveda room is financed by the Postal Code Foundation.

The potential of shared experiences.

This short commercial film aims to highlight the potential of shared experiences occurring simultaneously in different locations and exploring the digital layer of consciousness. The film showcases various regions of Sweden, including Arvidsjaur, Moskosel, Orust, and Stockholm, to provide an inclusive and contemporary depiction of the countries public places and its people.

SoMe Content.

To reach a younger audience and create content on the platforms’ terms. We also created reels that convey the short message in a playful and intriguing way, encouraging young people to go out and experience the artworks together.

Discover the benefits of collaborative artistic creation for Your brand’s emotional connection.

As an artist, I understand the importance of creating an emotional connection with an audience. That’s why I take a unique approach to visual storytelling and artistic creation that involves collaboration with you every step of the way.

From identifying your campaign goals and target group, to developing a concept that will resonate with your audience, we will work together to create a campaign that authentically reflects your brand and message.

Let’s bring your vision to life through careful planning, artistic creation, and a well-executed promotion strategy. I believe that collaboration and a unique approach can provide a memorable experience that elevates your messages and increases visibility. From identifying your goals and target audience to planning and production, I’m here to guide you through every step of the way.

  • Identification of goals: Clear and precise goal setting for the campaign, so that efforts can be focused and the desired results can be achieved.
  • Identification of the target group: Who is the target group and what are their interests and needs so that a campaign can be developed that appeals to them.
  • Concept development: It is important to create an authentic diversity and emotional connection through the visual narrative. It is also important to identify which formats work best to create a continuous dialogue with the target group and how to involve them in the campaign.
  • Artistic creation process: Collaboration and creative process to achieve a unique approach and experience.
  • Planning and production: Identifying what resources are needed to meet the objectives, preparing the schedule, budget and a work process to ensure a successful production.
  • Implementation and promotion: A plan to reach the target audience and increase the visibility of the campaign through Social Media and across various platforms.

Artistic creation encompasses both creativity, innovation and consideration for the environment, A holistic process.

– Film production

– Art

– Photography

– Art direction

– Brand building

– Awareness

– Visual identity

– SoMe Content

– Graphic Design

– Motion Design

Get in touch
Kasper Christiansen – – (+45) 5069 7948 – InstagramLinkedin

Soundtrack Elsinore (Lydspor).

Case study.

This sound walk is part of a research and development project between Catch, AIR Lab ITU,
The Helsingør and Bylab museums.

Together we investigate how we can design aural sensory experiences that create an emotional connection to the past in today’s Helsingør.

The sound walk has been developed for citizens and tourists and consists of three parts, of which this app is one. The other two parts are physical, interactive sound installations at Kongekajen and at Museerne Helsingør, City Museum.

The app was developed by While Loops Interactive with graphic design by Ada Ada Ada. The project is supported by WS Audiology.

Photograph taken at the exhibition sites in Elsinore.

Partners i have worked with.

My expertise in film, photography, and art, has given me the opportunity to work with notable partners like The National Association of Swedish Art Societies, Copenhagen Business School, Helsingør Kommune, Catch, Nemovo, Forest of the World (Verdens Skove), Danish Broadcasting (DR), Tivoli, Danske Bank, Merkur Bank, Honest Fashion, Københavns Konservator, BilBasen, Cosmo Film, Metronome and Wolff Svendsen.

My distinctive style combines mood, aesthetics, and graphic sensibilities, creating visually compelling narratives. From fleeting moments in familiar settings to scenes with a captivating aura, my visual concepts captures the essence of uniqueness.

Exhibition, Awards & Screening.

I have won the first prize in the YICCA 20-21 International Contest of Contemporary Art in Milan, Italy. And also showcased my work at esteemed exhibitions worldwide, including PORTRAITS – Hellerau Photography Awards 2023, Young Danish Contemporary Art 2022, Nordisk Salong 2021, Artist Exhibition 2021 and Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2019.

My films have received recognition at acclaimed festivals such as Amsterdam Short Film Festival, Stockholm Film Festival, Milan Gold Awards, Paris Film Festival, ARFF Berlin International Awards. And has been exhibited at Digital Chroma Agency galleri and Output Aarhus festival.

Extend the stories with more depth.

Reels – Short stories – SoMe Content.

In the realm of artistic expression, photographs can be extended beyond their captured moment by adding multiple layers of consciousness, infusing them with a profound depth of emotions. Through careful manipulation and artistic interpretation, these images transcend their physical boundaries, becoming portals to a world where thoughts, memories, and feelings intertwine, inviting viewers to delve into a rich tapestry of sensations and meanings.

Photography Exhibition.

PORTRAITS – Hellerau Photography Awards 2023
Technical Collections Dresden, Germany.
Censored Exhibition.

Young Danish Contemporary Art 2022
The art building in Vrå
Censored Exhibition.

Nordisk Salong 2021
Helsingborgs konstförening and
Dunkers kulturhus.
Censored Exhibition.

Art connect
Best of the week, March 2021.
Curated exhibition.

YICCA 20-21
Winner of the 1st place
International Contest of Contemporary Art
Censored Exhibition.

Copenhagen Business School
Solo Exhibition 2021.
Censored Exhibition.

Fotofestival Schiedam 2020
Theme: Transitions
The Censored Exhibition.

Charlottenborg Forårsudstilling 2020
Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2020

at Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Censored Exhibition.

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2019
Theme: Framing vision
Censored Exhibition.

Aarhus Independent Pixels 2015
Censored Exhibition.

Film Awards & Screening.

Digital Chroma Agency
Censored Exhibition, Berlin. 2022
Screening online at
Shortfilm: 1P433 [One Pass]

Output Aarhus
Censored Exhibition. 2021
Screening at Output Festival No 05.
Shortfilm: 1P433 [One Pass]

Amsterdam Short Film Festival
Official Selection: Experimental Film.
Screening in Amsterdam.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Stockholm City Film Festival
Finalist, May.
Screening in Stockholm.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Milan Gold Awards
Winner Gold Award: Best Experimental Film.
Screening in Milano.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Florence Film Awards
Winner: Best Experimental Film.
Screening in Florence.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Boden International Film Festival
Semifinalists of May 2021.
Screening in Sweden.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Paris Film Festival 2021
Award Winner: Best Experimental Film.
Screening in Paris, France.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

EdiPlay International Film Festival 2021
Award Winner: Best Experimental Film.
Screening in Paris, France.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Falcon International Film Festival 2021
April 2021 Edition, Winner: Best Experimental.
Screening at London.
Shortfilm: VANAh – {The Firm}

Elizabethtown Film Festival 2020
Official Selection: Short Narrative.
Screening at Elizabethtown, Kentucky USA.
Shortfilm: I’m Here

Breakout Film Festival 2020
Screening at Edinburgh.
Shortfilm: I’m Here

Berlin Sci-Fi festival 2018
Official selection.
Shortfilm: Biosphere 3,14