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Embark on a journey through a collection of narratives, where interviews meet documentaries, and corporate films unveil insights into leadership, processes, and dynamics. Experience the ebb and flow of education and student life, the evolution of ideas and the birth of projects. From the confines of a studio to the vast expanses of locations both domestic and abroad, witness the creation and production in all its forms.


Sunraker, helmed by the virtuoso composer and frontman Sophus Alf, is a quartet hailing from the heart of Copenhagen, weaving together the majesty of shoegaze with the intimate nostalgia of the 80’s. Recorded live and captured on film within the shadowy confines of a Copenhagen theatre blackbox, this project illuminates the band’s capacity to cloak venues.


The portrayal unfolds in the heart of a thought process, a dream, a realm beyond our own existence. As we grapple with shifts and challenges, the images crystallize into moments of doubt where our bedrock is rattled, and we are called to embrace the enigma and steer through the fog of uncertainty. A journey into the depths of how our perception of reality is shaped by the intricate dance of quantum phenomena and the existential weight that emerges when we navigate life’s transitions.


Woven Places “Vävda rum” is an exhibition that uses AR technology to create exciting and thought-provoking interactive art experiences in public spaces. Ten contemporary artists in Sweden explore how to bring together different locations, emotions, and voices to connect people and explore new perspectives on familiar places. Visitors can use the Vävda rum app to experience ten virtual artworks placed in public places throughout participating municipalities.


Imagine a tapestry of history, a unique and extraordinary preservation of the past. This is the story of a wallpaper, a relic from the early 1900s, found in the stairwell of the old German embassy in Copenhagen. A testament to the luxury of a bygone era, it was painstakingly restored and recreated, bringing a touch of golden opulence to the modern world. A testament to the power of preservation and the beauty of the past, it stands as a beacon of our commitment to preserving our cultural heritage.

Look up.

In a world where society and the technology propelling it are hurtling towards the future, what becomes of those of us who remain anchored in the past? When personality and privacy are rendered worthless, and your only currency is your mind, body, and data? And do these questions even hold significance when you can upload your relatives’ consciousness into microwave ovens or genetically engineer the perfect potato?

Sci-fi 2.

An innovative hub, pioneering and cultivating fresh ideas at the crossroads of technology, art, and design. Functioning as a municipal center for creative education and innovation, Catch operates at the nexus of art, technology, and design. With a practice-based and open approach to learning, Catch facilitates year-round workshops and collaborates with institutions and independent actors, leading to public exhibitions.